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#33 Proboscis Monkey or Bekantan


Primate Week

From descriptions it sounds as if these are rather dignified for a monkey. They are pretty sedate which can make them easier to hunt so they mostly stay in trees. They are fairly large, the largest known male weighed 66 pounds. Only the males have the noses like this, though the females do have larger noses than you would usually associate with a monkey. They have slightly webbed feet which makes them quite good swimmers. The reason they have such a potbellied look is because of their complex digestive system. They have a multi-chambered stomach and chew their cud like cows do. While they will eat some insects, the vast majority of their food is fruit and leaves. The main threat for this monkey is habitat loss. They are also hunted for use in Chinese medicine, mainly for bezoars.

I wish I understood more than English. In my ideal world I would speak a ton of languages. I always feel bad when someone who doesn't speak English tries to communicate with me. For instance today, someone replied to my Tamarin tweet that it was fake and the Maned Wolf was not going extinct. I have no idea what they meant and I assume that if I spoke Portuguese rather than relying on Google Translate, I'd understand better. It is so hard to understand some people's meaning online as it is, a language barrier only makes it worse. At the moment, all I know is someone seems very angry at me for supposedly saying an animal (one I haven't ever mentioned and certainly haven't painted) is going extinct. One of the tweets called me a mule (well, I'm betting the word is not as polite in Portuguese but that is how Google translated it for me) and one sharing a picture of some man's face (he looks familiar, but I don't know who it is) superimposed on a picture of the queen seem to no longer be part of the thread on the painting. I don't know if those were deleted or not, I'm still not terribly good with Twitter because I only really use it to post the paintings. I tried to kindly explain that they seem to be upset about a different animal, that I'm not the one classifying the animals as endangered, and that neither of the animals named are extinct nor did I say they were. I don't know if the point came across or not, I can only hope that the person understands now and is not as angry as they seemed with their first tweet to me. I've done the best I can. If anyone reading my blog understands Portuguese and can explain things to the person who commented, or could explain it better to me, I would appreciate it.

Here is a link to the painting on Twitter. Whatever you do, please be kind even if you think the other person was not being so. I am not bothered for myself whatsoever, even if they were purposefully being rude or obtuse. I am only bothered because I feel I was not able to communicate as well as I would have if we spoke the same language.

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