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#35 Drill Monkey


Primate Week

These monkeys are related to the Mandrills and Babboons. I now many think that a long tail equals monkey and short or no tail equals ape, but these are short tailed monkeys. The size difference between males and females is pretty extreme. The males are about 75 pounds though one site I saw while researching said they can get up to 110 pounds in comparison to the female which is 20-28 pounds. Though "just" endangered, they are at the highest conservation priority for all African primates. There may be as few as 3000 left, with 8000 seeming to be the most optimistic estimate. Habitat loss is a big threat, but even worse is they are hunted for bushmeat. It isn't for those who have nothing else to eat either, it is because endangered species bushmeat has become a luxury item and selling them is big money.

I apologize, because I will be posting this to show it is from Saturday the 4th, I am actually writing this bit on the 5th. The pastel was done yesterday though, I promise. You can check my twitter feed to confirm that. I wasn't feeling well, and went up to relax for a while before bed. I was going to get back online before going to sleep and post. I can't do these posts from my phone because the mobile version doesn't offer the same formatting options as what I use. I am going to go ahead and post my charcoal that I did today in a second so I really don't need to say much else at the moment.

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