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#39 Maleo


Bird Week(s)

These interesting birds are endemic to Sulawesi and Buton Islands, Indonesia. They are a very interesting bird. They dig pits in sandy areas and bury their eggs there in communal nesting areas. That is the extent of the care they provide. The nests rely on the sun or geothermal heat to incubate the eggs. Fully grown these birds are similar in size to chickens, but their eggs are about 5 times the size! It can take up to 85 days for the eggs to hatch, where as a chicken takes about 21 days. When the Maleo chick hatches they have to dig their way up through the sand, and then they are on their own. Unlike most birds, they can fly as soon as they hatch. As a whole they aren't fond of flying, preferring to run around. Unfortunately, egg harvesting is their biggest threat. For many they harvest eggs now out of desperate need, but because eating them is a luxury or status thing. There does seem to be a lot of conservation work going on to save these though, so I am feeling optimistic for their future.

Was talking with my oldest today about his immediate future, which of course made me think long distance future. I don't know if I'll ever be a grandma (and it won't be for a very long time for sure), but if I am, I kind of wonder what kind of grandma I will be. I also wonder what I will be called. My mom is Nana, my mother-in-law is Grandma. I had a Little Grandma, and a Grammy. I absolutely love Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax from Terry Pratchett books, but I don't want to be Granny because to me that seems either too stern, or too toothless. I have no idea why, but I see 2 very different people when I hear the word Granny, and neither fits me. I don't want to be Nanny because, well for one thing I think of a goat, a live-in-babysitter, and Nanny Ogg. While Nanny Ogg would be a fun type of grandmother to have, I'm not that forward of a person. I think, if I even get a say in what I'm called, I'd like it if they just called me their Nan. I know it is short for Nanny, and for that matter I really like goats and I'm sure when I have grandkids I will want to babysit as often as I'm allowed, but I think I'd just like them to call me Nan when they talk to me. So yeah, now you know a bit more about me than just that I'd like to be called Nan if I'm ever a grandmother. You know that I'm the sort who overthinks pretty much everything and tries to solve problems before there is any possibility of any problem happening.

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