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#41 Waigeo Brush-turkey


Still Bird Week

These birds were thought to be extinct for 120 years, and then rediscovered in 2002. They are said to be very aggressive and territorial, at least with other birds. The male has a large mound style nest and different females will come and lay eggs in his nest, and when he decides it is full he chases them all off. Then he will cover up the nest with an insulating material and lets the sun incubate the eggs. Feral dogs are one of the threats to them, and I would assume that unprotected eggs are part of how the dogs cause problems for them. Limited territory though is considered their biggest threat. They are only found on Waigeo Island, Indonesia.

I have never canned tomatoes or pickles. I really want to try canning both. I watched a bunch of videos of essentially 2 Italian grandfathers and one Italian grandmother make tomato sauce. I mean, if you want to make tomato sauce you should go authentic. It was fantastic, and essentially they all made the same sauce. I don't have the huge fancy mill all three of them had in order to make the sauce the way they did it though. I think I can make it work if I do it slightly differently. One of them canned things in a way I don't think I'd feel comfortable doing. I am probably overly anxious about germs in comparison to most people, because of growing up with a microbiologist for a grandpa. The way the grandma canned, she put boiling tomato sauce in one jar, slapped the lid on and screwed it on tight, then turned it upside-down and had it under a comforter so it would cool a little more slowly. I don't know, I think I'd rather do water bath canning. I think I'm going to get cucumbers and tomatoes tomorrow though. I should be able to do a ton of tomato sauce in a day. Thankfully I stocked up on canning lids last year before they became hard to find, and then we didn't end up canning near as much stuff this year as we had the year before. I may get cucumbers tomorrow too, but I'm more concerned about pickles, because so often they turn out soggy and nasty. Probably should stick to one new canning item per year, can try different pickle recipes to see if I can find one I like the taste of during the year, and then make a bunch next year.

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