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#45 Yellow-faced Flameback


Bird Week 2

There are thought to be fewer than 500 mature birds remaining. They have gone extinct in much of their habitat. They are from several different islands in the Philippines. The main reason they have gone extinct in some areas is deforestation, which is sadly continuing. There was not much else I could find about them, except that their call apparently sounds like they are yelling "geek!".

Feeling a bit anxious. I'm heading back to the eye doctor tomorrow to see if the stuff that was concerning to her last time has gotten any worse or stayed the same, or for some reason has gotten better. I'm rooting for no problems this time. Painting with my eyes dilated will be difficult, but I hope to be able to manage it well enough. I have 2 birds I'm waffling back and forth between for tomorrow. Not sure which would be easier to paint with eyes that are causing me a problem. Probably the black and white one over the very colourful one. Besides, I've done 2 very bright ones so I should space them out a bit. Anyway, wish me luck that my eyes are better and it was just a weird fluke or something. I will be sure to let you know what happens.

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