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#47 Congo Bay Owl


Bird Week 2

There have only ever been 2 females found. One was back in 1951 and it was thought they were possibly part of a different species. Then another was found in 1996 and it was confirmed. In researching these, lots of different photos came up. All but two I am pretty certain are not actually this owl. The one I based this painting off of most was the skin from 1951. There was one other photo that could possibly have been taken in 1996, but I am uncertain about it. When painting based off of a skin, one they did not even try to make look as if it is alive (no fake eyes or anything) I especially want to make them look alive and active. The 2 caught were found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but unidentified calls and an unconfirmed sighting means there could possibly be some in Burundi and Rwanda. Really though, nothing is known about them and population numbers are a total guess.

Ugh, I struggled with this painting. It wasn't just because I pretty much had no pictures to go from. I am not feeling well, so I would paint for a bit then need a break all day. I think it is a cold, but I am a complete big baby when it comes to colds. I would much rather have bronchitis than a cold. My throat hurts, my head hurts, and I just feel icky. With bronchitis I usually end up tearing ligaments in my back from coughing so much, but that doesn't bother me as much as a stuffy nose and sore throat. I know, it doesn't seem the right way around. You know how there are jokes about man flu and all? My husband is usually much better with a cold than I am. Ok, so I get sick much more often than anyone else in the family, but unless it is bronchitis, I'm generally ready to hop on the pity party bandwagon. I'm so used to having bronchitis that it has become normal to me.

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