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#52 Eastern Mountain or Eastern Dwarf Coati


Carnivore Week

These are one of the least studied mammals. The population numbers are unknown but assumed to be declining...though slowly which is better than it could be I suppose. They are from the Andes, in Venezuela. Habitat loss and hunting are their biggest threats.

I realized I did not have enough colours for my son's temperature afghan. I'm getting extra anxious. I was going to start on it today, but wasn't able to. I did get the order of what I have completely figured out, and ordered the extra colours. So, now I need to finish my bff ladybug's present. Her birthday is coming up. Then I have to start on Christmas presents. We don't have much money so it isn't going to be that exciting for people I'm afraid. There are a lot of things I'd love to make, but can't afford to do. There are other things I'd love to do but don't have the time for. Hopefully I can come up with something for everyone though, and at least this year the kids don't need me to make them a costume. That should save me some time.

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