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#53 Borneo Bay Cat


Carnivore Week

These are only known from 12 specimens. They are thought to get up to 9, maybe even 10 pounds. Because so few have been actually weighed, it isn't certain if they were typical weight or not. They are found in the Island of Borneo. They have really pretty red fur. Their eyes seem extra large in all the pictures, but their head also seems pretty small (and round). I worry that the large eyes are because they were surprised or scared in the picture, so I tried to make sure it doesn't look scared at all. There have been a lot of camera traps put out, but still very few have been seen. Their numbers are unknown. It is believed they are fairly solitary. Their biggest threats are palm oil plantations and logging. They are killed illegally too though for their skins. They reminded me of a miniature cougar but more red and with a rounder face.

It was totally unexpected, we got rain again today. I have been so grateful for all the rain we've been getting. I want more. I don't know how many inches still we are behind, but entirely too many for me. I would rather have a surplus for sure. When I was a kid, Oregon was known for its rain. Now, I'm worried we will be known for forest fires and people coming to the state will wonder what all the fuss about rain was about. We've tied the record number of days over 80 degrees now. It was last made in 2015 I think I saw. I may feel most comfortable when the weather is 80 degrees or warmer, but that isn't what I want for our state. I want to get back to where we are more concerned about moss growing on things than we are about the grass being too dry.

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