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#57 Owston's Palm Civet


This is the last of the carnivores for now.

These are just over 3 feet long, including their tail. The tail makes up almost half of their length. They've been desribed as looking like a cross between a house cat and a ferret. Sized they are about the height of a cat, but longer in body. Others have described them as similar to an extra large shrew or something. I am more in the cat crossed with ferret camp. They mostly eat worms and other invertebrates. Hunting, especially by snaring, habitat loss, and the pet trade are their biggest threats. There is a captive breeding program that is trying to keep up with the population decline. They have also rehabilitated some that were rescued. They are from Vietnam, Laos, and a section of China.

I don't know what I'm doing next week, so I have to think about that. I'm thinking either mollusks or insects, but I'm not sure. It depends on how many there are, and how different they are. I mean if I'm doing mollusks and the vast majority are tree snails, and they all look incredibly similar, that won't work. Each one of them is important of course, but if I do a whole week of snails that look the same everyone will get bored, and that week would lose the impact I want this project to have. I may be painting all of this just for myself essentially, since I'm unable to get them framed and into a show, but I would still like people to feel the full weight of how many very different animals there are in need of help.

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