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#6 Catamayo Coral Snake


I could not really find anything out about these. Like other coral snakes, they are venomous. All of the species can be found in the Catamayo Valley in Ecuador and a bit of the surrounding areas. Habitat loss seems to be their biggest threat. Though there have been surveys, only 3 have been found since 1993.

This one did not photograph well. I think that may be a fairly common thing with the oil paintings when I get them done later in the day and don't have good lighting. I honestly was not sure I would manage to finish the painting. I had only done the head, 2 red sections, and one black section when I had to take my husband to the ER. He's fine, all is well, but because of how involved painting the snake is in order to hint at scales the whole length of it. The lighting when I finally finished it just makes it look much more flat than it is, so I may re-take the picture when it is dry.

I asked if anyone had any wood I could use to make shelves for these to dry on. One woman had a good bit. I had been going to pick it up this evening, but then, well, hanging out at the Emergency Room waiting for my husband seemed a bit more important.

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