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#62 Seychelles Crow


Lepidoptera Week

This is one of those where I am not sure on the colouring, don't know their threats, and honestly don't even know if they still exist. The last assessment was done in 1996. The ten years prior to that they had been classified as rare. There is no reason for the change, and it simply says that it needs updating. They are, or possibly were, from only 2 of the Seychelle's 115 Islands. Their wingspan is not quite 3 inches. From what I saw about other related species, there are many that are black or almost black and that is why they are called crows. I did not see any pictures of live ones so I only know them as the "dead animal brown" that preserved specimens turn. Most of the other species I looked at were more brown than black, albeit a much more vibrant brown than the dull one of the butterflies on pins.

I did this one because my birthday falls on a charcoal day. I wanted to do a crow because I love the avian type so much, but because I wanted to give it some life it got painted today. We normally go out to eat for someone's birthday, but I don't want to. Yeah, we pretty much only ever go out to eat (well, order take-out right now) if it is a birthday or anniversary, but I want tabbouleh. Because I'm Celiac I can't do it with what it is usually made with. Instead we use quinoa. I love the freshness of all that parsley with mint, onion, and tomatoes. Because my system is so screwed up, the onion and the lemon juice, and probably the parsley too, all do a number on me. I will suffer after eating it for at least a day, but I don't even care. Sometimes I really start to crave things (mostly fresh green things unfortunately) that cause me a lot of problem. Actually, along those lines, all my dreams last night were about bread. I haven't dreamed about bread in a few years. I think it is because I've been thinking for so long now about doing sourdough. I tried one with a store-bought starter, and it didn't work. I've been doing research and hope once I get caught up with on my son's temperature afghan and have a good start on Christmas presents, then I can try making sourdough again.

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