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#64 Hewiston's Small Tree Nymph


Lepidoptera Week

I did not find any pictures of these, just a drawing from above with its wings open. That wasn't even very clear, it looked like a photo of an old drawing that had maybe been in a book or something. I wasn't able to find much information about them either. They are endemic to New Guinea, Indonesia. That was all I could find. It is possible they are extinct for all I know. I based this off of other tree nymphs. The one thing I noticed the drawing showed that the photographs of actual butterflies didn't, was a bit of white in the middle of their forehead. All the other butterflies had only black between the 2 white stripes.

Well happy birthday to me! My kids got me a bird bath. I'm hoping that will help me attract crows too. There was a murder that flew over our house today! It is the first I've seen more than 3 crows and it was a huge group of them. I know crows like to dunk their food in water, and we've had a pie plate out with some rocks in it so that bees can climb out if they fall in, but I haven't seen birds use it. The bird bath is up right next to the bird feeder so hopefully they will notice it and want to come see it. I think I'm going to put some marbles in the bird feeder too so they might come see what the pretty things are. I will absolutely go nuts on here if I end up with crows coming and using our bird feeder and bird bath. You will hear about it for weeks most likely.

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