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#65 Fabulous Green Sphinx Moth


Lepidoptera Week 2

These were thought to be extinct for the majority of the 1900's. In fact, one entomologist even offered a reward of what would amount to about $1500.00 today. This moth has only been found or caught 15 times. The most recent instance was when 2 were caught and thankfully released again back in 1998. They are endemic to Kaua'i Hawaii and it is assumed that habitat loss is their biggest threat.

First off, isn't that a great name?! I love it when the names are so complimentary. I think it is probably the fuzzy aspect of them, but moths seem more cuddly or friendly to me than butterflies. If we are comparing them to dogs, butterflies would be aloof and very well behaved dogs that sit on velvet pillows, have bejeweled collars, want to wear clothes, and are incredibly picky about what they eat. Moths are the more derpy ones that trip on their own ears, get confused when they catch their tail, scare themselves when they fart, and would be just as happy eating trash as fancy food, if not more so. I know they are usually not as pretty, but because of that I do really love moths. I'm not wealthy, and even if I was I would never be able to pull of snobbery. I'd probably be a funny looking moth with a bit of pink hint to my wings if I was turned into anything from the order Lepidoptera.

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