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#67 Swanepoel's Opal


Lepidoptera Week 2

I do not know much about these. Their wingspan is up to 1.3 inches is all. They are active from October through January. Their generational length is one year. They are only found in South Africa. Beyond that, I do not know anything about these. I think the blue is more due to iridescence than being actual markings for these, but am not completely certain about that.

Felt that I had to do an opal for this month, seeing as how opals are possibly my favourite gemstone. They are also October's birthstone, which is handy since it means it is my birthstone. As far as posting though, I am keeping today short again. My back is a little bit better, but I still had to take many breaks and am in pain. I was up until almost 5 this morning because it hurt too much to get comfortable and that means I'm rather tired too! Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow so that maybe we can do some Halloween decorating.

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