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#68 Scintillating St Helena Grey


Lepidoptera Week 2

I do not know much of anything about these. I did find out they were discovered by Edith Wollaston somewhere between 1875 and 1879. I thought maybe it would be nice to share information about her, but the only information I could find about her was on a page about her husband. They said she was the daughter of his friend, and is credited with at least 37 species. He was also friends with Darwin though he didn't agree with him on many things. I couldn't find out how many species he is credited with. He was an entomologist and she was listed as a lepidopterist. Their numbers are assumed to be declining. They've only been found in 4 areas on the Island of St Helena. It is known that there are a lot of invasive species that could be causing them problems, which is why it is assumed their numbers are declining.

I'm getting very frustrated with my back. I am going to go hang out in bed on a heating pad again as soon as I finish posting this. It is better, I did not have to take anything stronger than Ibuprofen today, but I can't go do the grocery shopping, and we need potatoes. I know my husband hates shopping because he's an introvert. I hate shopping too, but it is much easier for me and I would rather do it so he doesn't have to. I was reminded recently by my husband that my family has broken all the "Willow Tree" figurines I used to have. It was always accidental, and they certainly felt bad about it. I'd started a very small collection of the figurines, just the ones that in my mind depicted my family. One that I considered to be my husband and me, one that was 2 boys with a mom so was my kids and me, and now I can't even remember the other one I had was. All of those got broken at various times by various family members. Some day if we can afford it I'd like to replace them, but having family is so much more important than things, so it isn't something that is a must. I've never been the sort who gets angry when someone accidentally broke something in the house. I mean, if they started using the bowls I made, or my favourite mugs, and carelessly tossed them around I might feel a bit hurt. They have sort of collectively banned themselves from using the things they know I like the most because they know they are more likely to break things than I am. I think it started for each of them after they broke something I really liked. There is no rule they can't use anything, and I've reminded them before that they can, but I don't think they trust themselves. I can't remember the last time I broke something, but the guys break things all the time it seems.

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