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#69 Ludlow's Bhutan Glory


Lepidoptera Week 2

There was not a lot of information about these but they are the National Butterfly of Bhutan. They weren't seen from 1934 to 2009. I couldn't find any population numbers other than they are assumed rare. I also couldn't find out what any concrete information on threats. I saw that one study had been done on their lifespan. I couldn't find the actual study, and the article I saw on it was about a paragraph long and I couldn't figure out if they were saying it was a long lived butterfly or not. Most butterflies live about a month as a butterfly, some only live a week. The longest lived butterfly is the Brimstone Butterfly which lives 13 months. The study said that it went 367 days, but I'm unsure if that was the length of the life of the butterfly or if that was from egg to death, or if they even managed to see the complete life cycle really. My guess is that is the entire life cycle, so egg to death, but that would still be long in comparison to many butterflies. The Monarch for instance has a lifespan of around a month. I wish I had more certain information for you, but if nothing else, maybe now you will be interested in finding out how long your favourite butterfly lives.

I managed to get to the store today. We didn't have any white coffee left. I don't know if you've ever tried it. Honestly, it tastes a lot more like dirt than regular coffee does, but I've gotten used to it. The caffeine level is something like 7 times that of a dark roast, and the acid level is much less. My stomach doesn't tolerate regular coffee well, so I started drinking the white coffee. I discovered it at the coffee chain Dutch Bros. When I was having to drive my son 4 hours one way, and then drive right back the same day, I did live on an awful lot of Dutch Bros white coffee. They have fun stickers they do every month. Last time they gave out stickers, I gave the person one of mine. They stuck it on the inside of their tip tub that is covered by their own stickers, which was kind of cool. Ok, although it is still October, to me winter has pretty much hit. I'm sitting at the computer shivering because I don't have a sweater and blanket on and my space heater isn't working anymore. For the temperature to be livable for everyone else in our house, I have to be very cold. I'm outnumbered 3 to 1. It is 46 degrees outside right now, I don't know what it is inside but with how much I'm shivering I'd swear it it pretty close to that. I don't think my husband lets it get colder than 68, but that is 10 degrees colder than I'd like.

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