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#72 Nile Lechwe


Cetartiodactyla Week 1

As their name would suggest, these are from along the Nile. They are a waterbuck, a type of antelope that loves water. They spend much of their time in the water and are often a prey for crocodiles because of that. In fact they will flee to the water when threatened on land. Lechwe is the Bantu word for antelope. The vast majority of their remaining population is from one area in South Sudan. Much smaller groups can be found near the border with Ethiopia, and in southwest Ethiopia. Though they are hunted by both humans and other predators, and they have to compete with livestock for the grass that is their main food, civil war is actually their biggest threat. It isn't just because of the fighting, but also because of all the resettlement that happens as a result to the conflicts.

I decided to do two weeks of the super order of Cetartiodactyla. It has such a fun mix of animals, these 2 weeks may seem almost like I'm just picking random animals, but I'm not, they are all related. I absolutely could not get this painting to photograph well. Some paintings frustrate me more than others. The photograph makes the red in the fur stand out so much more than it does in real life, and makes the background not as nice of a green either. I am slowly getting the art area to be more usable. My husband moved some things for me yesterday which is great. I obviously need to work on an area to take pictures which will work whether the sun is out or not, especially as the sun is going down so much earlier now. I want to set up a better space for the dogs too. They stay where I am throughout the day. The toothless one has never been a fan of the blind one, but since he went blind she doesn't like him even more. You hear about dogs going blind and another one in the family decides to be a seeing eye dog. Nope, not happening here. She growls at him to keep him away, and some days she would prefer he not even look at her and certainly not be in the same room with her.

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