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#73 Togian Babirusa


Cetartiodactyla Week 1

I do not know why, maybe because they have fairly long legs for a pig, but babirusa are called deer pigs. This is the largest of the babirusa, and only was declared a species in 2002. There are estimated to be only 100-1000 remaining. In 1998 a large portion of the forests of their island in Indonesia were destroyed by fire. There were no remains of these found in the aftermaths of the fire but it is thought that their food may have become more scarce. They will eat pretty much anything they can get their mouth around. Their current main threats are habitat loss, but also being killed by dogs and sometimes by people. Their tusks are fairly breakable, but can actually grow into their skulls.

I have to brag a bit about my oldest. He got contracted by the percussion group he was auditioning for. They aren't even done with their auditions. There are only 5 bass drum spots, and 3 of them have been contracted now. He's the tallest so he gets the biggest of the drums. The other 2 spots have the remaining 8 people competing for them, possibly more because there are usually new people who come to the auditions. They may live out of state and can only get to one of the auditions. He will be going to the next audition too, but he won't have to audition, he will be there as a place holder of sorts. He is also having to record a lot of videos of himself playing the bass drum he bought himself. He will be auditioning for a marching band in Wisconsin and first step is giving them videos of him playing specific things they want to see. I really won't do well if he ends up being contracted with them because he will be way far away from us, and in a completely different timezone. It will be for over a month too if i remember right. I'm sure you've realized because of past posts I've made, I am not the sort of mom who can't wait for her kids to move out. I am not desperate for school to start up again after summer. My family is the best thing about my world. I want my kids to be strong independent men able to take care of themselves and not needing me. At the same time, I hope they live close, feel comfortable showing back up in order to have me cook their favourite meal, and they look forward to visiting us with their families.

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