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#76 Persian or Mesopotamian Fallow Deer


Cetartiodactyla Week 1

Thought to be extinct in the 1940s until the 1950s when about 25 were found in Iran. They were once found through much of the Middle East and it is possibly one of the animals listed in Deuteronomy as being clean and safe to eat and was possibly mentioned in I Kings as having been part of a meal of Solomon (roe is sometimes translated as Fallow Deer). Hunting, predation, competing with livestock, and habitat destruction are their threats. The adults have spots, not just the young.

It took a lot of work, and the revolution in Iran for Israel to be able to bring back the deer, which now has one of the 2 wild populations. Including captive ones, there are around 1000 now.

I like her, but she is not quite right. I have been struggling all week with my paintings, I don't know why. Hopefully tomorrow's pastel and Sunday's charcoal will reset things. It has been very frustrating all week and none of the paintings have cooperated. I've had paintings bother me before, but usually only one every once in a while. It is like there is a connection between my hand and my brain that has broken.

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