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#2 Amur Leopard

Critically Endangered

The Amur Leopard is the most endangered of all leopards with not even 100 left. They are from an area in China and Russia. They are good jumpers, and can run up to 37mph. Their biggest threats are poaching and loss of habitat. Because of the limited number of individuals, inbreeding is a potential threat as well.

This painting was when I was working with a small set of colours. These leopards do often have a blue-ish eye colour, but not as blue as in the painting. I was still learning how to use these pencils, had not yet really solidified in my mind what I wanted this project to be. At the time I was happy with the overly bright blue, and I do love cats with blue eyes, but now when I look at it, the painting bothers me.

It can be hard to put yourselves out there especially if you mostly see what is wrong with what you make. Do not let self doubt hold you back though. If nothing else, you can point to something later and say "see how I've grown". Besides, like me, you are likely your harshest critic. Not everyone will like what you do, it is impossible to please everybody. Creativity doesn't always mean painting or other "art". You may be a singer, gardener, love cooking, do woodworking, even something like restoring a car can be your way of getting your artistic talent out. Find what you love, and put yourself into what you do, that is what matters. Never let what others think keep you from being creative.

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Serena Peterson
Serena Peterson
Jul 26, 2023

I would love to try watercolors, but I am not very artistic in that I have no clue what to do. I am very artistic in my mind! Haha. I want to buy watercolor pencils and see if I can sketch something, then apply water to it. I assume that's how those work? I want to do a honeybee first. I saw some amazing watercolors of honeybees in flight-very realistic, as watercolors go. I need to have one of my own so I can use it for my business cards and honey labels.

I can see where you might be critical of this piece, simply because it doesn't have some of the depth and detail others do, but I like…

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