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#4 Sumatran Rhino

Critically Endangered

This Rhino is itty-bitty and is fuzzy! Seriously, how cute can you get? To give you an idea, the white rhino can be up to 6000 pounds, and these get up to 2200 pounds. They are fuzzier in captivity because they don't have to deal with things making them itchy, and they don't need to force their way through underbrush that pulls out their hair. Their horns aren't very long usually, though the longest recorded primary horn was 31" long, usually they are just 6"-10" long though. They are now extinct in Malaysia, and close to it in Indonesia. Breeding in captivity is not going terribly well, very few have been born in the past 15 or more years.

I decided to share how I go about my drawings. This is the quick sketch I did, and then the first addition of the colour I wanted to have. I always frustrated art teachers because I sketch very lightly, often too light for them to really see. I also do not do the wire frame method where you draw an egg or a circle and connect it to other bits. I start with the eyes and then I work around that. The eye is the most important part in my mind.

Not everyone has used or even seen watercolour pencils. This is what the "painting" looked like before I added the water. Once you add water it becomes very much like regular watercolour, but you have more control.

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Serena Peterson
Serena Peterson
Jul 26, 2023

Yes! This is the technique I want to learn! 😁

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