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#103 Bawean Deer

Critically Endangered

These are mainly solitary and nocturnal deer. They are only about 2 feet tall. Their shoulders are lower than their hips which makes them have a hunched back. They have shorter necks than what I think of as typical deer and they have absolutely adorable triangular shaped heads. There are approximately 250 remaining. Males have antlers with 3 tines. The Bawean deer live in diminishing forests on the island of Bawean, which is part of Indonesia. Loss of habitat, feral dogs, and humans are their biggest threat right now.

Where I am in Oregon, you just don't get feral dogs really. You'll see an occasional stray that has gotten lost or been abandoned. Some farms or an occasional hoarder might have dogs that are basically feral, but not the type roaming the streets you get in some states and elsewhere in the world. The Oregon Humane Society does a great job, even taking in dogs from other states. The majority of shelters in my area are no-kill also, saving over 90% of the animals they bring in. I worked at an orphanage in Albania for a while, and you couldn't go out at night in our area because of packs of feral dogs. There was a building we could see from the upstairs of the orphanage that was essentially just floors and support beams made of cement and metal, no walls. There were usually several feral dogs sleeping there peacefully. At night though you were at risk of being killed if it was just you and them. The orphanage had a dog that wasn't part of the feral packs. She was a very sweet dog but didn't get to play with the kids at all. She was extremely pregnant when we left.

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