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#105 Carolina Parakeet


These were the only species of parrot native to the eastern USA. The last one int he wild was killed in Florida in 1904. The last one in captivity was a male named Incas, he died in 1918 about a year after his mate. Sadly their habitat which was forest and swamp areas along rivers was largely cut down for agricultural reasons. Their colourful feathers also were a problem as they were killed for their feathers to be used as decorations on hats and such. They were also captured and used as pets, but breeding them does not seem to have been a priority for pet owners. They were flocking birds which made them easy to kill for farmers who saw them as pests (for eating fruit) and hunters who saw them as sport. They would shoot one or two, and the flock would fly off, but shortly return to where their flock-mates had fallen. There is talk about trying to de-extinct these by altering the DNA of the Sun parakeet which is the Carolina's closest relative.

This is another of those animals that is painted entirely from looking at taxidermy specimens and scientific renderings. I have a feeling that most of this week will be done similarly. It makes it more challenging to show personality and life, but is one of the challenges I enjoy. I looked at probably 25 pictures of dead Carolina Parakeets to come up with this. I wish I could have seen live ones. It is going to be difficult for me, I'm sure to end up wanting a pet bird by the end of the week, I can feel it. My husband will keep me sane, he's the brains, the even keel personality, and the logic of this outfit. I'm the one who will talk to anything and everything if it doesn't actively try to get away from me. I'm the emotions of the marriage, and the creativity. Without him, contracts would never be read and I'd probably be homeless, or working a job I hate wondering if I should buy food or paints...and opting for paints most of the time. Without me, he would be a hermit, never talking to people unless he absolutely had to, plus while he can cook, he'd probably not have as much interesting food because he'd just mainly eat tamales and other quick easy stuff.

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