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#109 New Caledonian Lorikeet

Critically Endangered

This is a female. I didn't paint the female because I wanted to, the males of birds are usually more exciting looking. I painted the female because there is actually no description I can find at all for males. Even what juveniles look like is just assumed based on other birds that are similar. The males likely have more red, and the juveniles are probably similar to females but maybe not quite as bright. There were 2 females collected in 1859, one of which is in the Paris Museum of Natural History. There have been sightings since then, most unconfirmed. There were even claims of seeing them in the 1970's. It is very likely they are extinct now unfortunately. Their forests have mostly disappeared, and along with rats there is avian malaria which is a disease that was introduced to the island.

I am really enjoying being able to do all these bright colours this week. It means my browns are getting a bit of a break. I can see the draw in bird watching. Really, I'm very pro bird watching, insect watching, reptile watching, etc. For that matter I'm pro mammal watching, and that includes people. Back in the 1980's my best friend and I would go to the mall and people watch. I'd make up stories about the people we saw and tell her as we sat there. I remember ones like some woman was actually an heiress but doesn't want anyone to know who she is so she is trying to blend in. I'd explain how it was I recognized what she was. Then there would be someone who had recently lost everything, but they'd have just had an idea for some invention that would make them a millionaire. I always had happy endings to my stories. I have always been the type who wants to make everyone happy, and can't stand when movies don't have happy endings. I know life doesn't have a happy ending, but it doesn't stop me from finding silver linings and trying to make others happy.

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