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#11 African Wild Ass

Critically Endangered

This is the most endangered wild horse and have such striking stripey legs. They are well adapted to their harsh climate. They can lose up to 30% of their body weight in fluid and still survive, drinking once every 3 days in a pinch (of course more often is preferred), sometimes they have been observed even drinking salty water! Their diet is the tough desert grasses, bark, and leaves. They can get up to 43mph, but their natural instinct isn't flight first. They like to investigate things more than horses do, and they are willing to fight.

I am one of those girls who never outgrew the "horse crazy" phase. Where I grew up you were more likely to see massive sewer rats than ever see a horse. We even had mutant rats, they were bigger than our dachshund, even bigger than nutria are. I did get to learn to ride as a child. A family friend lived in the country. He had a black Arab stallion who was barely greenbroke, hated women, and refused to take a saddle. He would try to bite me and rub me off on trees while I rode him. I loved him though, and because of learning how to ride on Obsidian, I became pretty difficult to knock off a horse.

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