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#129 New Caledonian Owlet-nightjar

Critically Endangered

The quote of Shakespeare that I've mostly been following this week mentioned Owlet's wing. I had thought of doing just an owl, but since Shakespeare mentioned owlet, I decided to go with that.

This bird has not been seen much at all. Most recently was back in 1998. One was shot in 1880, and in 1915 another one was discovered in a museum, no clue how that happened to get there. There have been almost no sightings other than the 2 collected, and one was already dead. Apparently even the locals in the area have pretty much never seen them. No one even knows what their call sounds like. It seems to be a nocturnal bird, and one of the sightings was of one at dusk catching bugs. They have many traits that are similar to owls. Pictures of other Owlet-nightjars have the cute whisker-like feathers. I only saw one picture of one of the dead New Caledonians and I couldn't tell by the picture whether they have them or not. I think it is adorable though, so mine gets them too.

This is my youngest on his first Halloween. I made the jewelry, kilt, shoes, and bodysuit. Along with the Celtic knotwork you can see, I signed my name in runes and wrote some other stuff. It reminds me of when I was doing make-up for Macbeth back in University. I was in charge of painting the fake woad tattoos (they were blue) on Macduff. I always signed my name on him too. On the day that the fake Macbeth head was finished I saw it out of the corner of my eye and said hi to it. I was also one of the "blood-masters" for the play. At the end of each show we would stand out and greet people who saw the play. I usually looked like I'd just helped slaughter a cow, fake blood up to my elbows. Sadly, though I wanted to do more acting the main director told me she needed me too much doing costumes, make-up, and set construction. She was pretty awful, but had been there forever and was the only theater teacher the university had.

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