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#143 Popa Langur

Critically Endangered

This is cool, it is the newest animal I've ever painted. Really, it was just "described" in November, 2020! It isn't that they went into a formerly uncharted area and discovered a brand new monkey, there is one in the Natural History Museum of London that was collected in 1913 in fact. They hadn't realized that the Phayre's leaf monkey should actually be considered 3 species though. The physical differences are minor, they look very similar to the Phayre's, but the DNA says they are very different. Now that they are split into 3, all 3 are endangered, but these are critically endangered. In fact, there are thought to be only 200-260 of them left. They are from Myanmar where thankfully most of those left live in a protected area, which hopefully means they will be able to survive.

I am not the sort who has to always have the newest or most popular things. My favourite camera is from 1928 after all. My phones are usually new, but not the newest version. Unfortunately, until the phone I have now, phones just seemed to give up and develop strange quirks by the time they hit about 9 months old. I would keep them limping along for another 3, but we generally had to get a new phone every year. It isn't that I always dropped them in water, though I did lose one to the ocean and one to some soup I was making about 28 kids aged 2 1/2-6 years old. Usually though, it seemed to be the weird reaction electronics have to me. For instance, one of my old computers started saying that there was no operating system every single time I turned it on. My husband would turn it on and it would be fine. I was sitting next to my sister on the same porch of a coffee shop and trying to look up something. When I held my phone, it wouldn't connect to the internet. I handed it to my sister and it worked fine. I was visiting a class and teaching art. The teacher whose room it was was trying to use the wifi and if I was within about 10 feet of her computer it would cut out. We tried it several times. My husband used to say he could tell when I was coming downstairs because the satellite radio in our kitchen would turn on. I like to know that whatever electronic device I'm going to be torturing has been tested by others quite a bit before I risk it.

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