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#154 Malay Tiger

Critically Endangered

There are at most 250 years left, including young. Their numbers are still declining unfortunately. They are from Malaysia and are their national animal. They are one of the smallest tigers. The males only weigh about 260 pounds, and the females are even smaller. They have lost much of their habitat to agriculture and development expansion. A large portion of their former range has been converted into palm oil plantations. That, and poaching are the biggest threats to them, and the reason there are so few left.

I was gone most of the day, trying to find a Christmas present for my youngest son. I thought I'd paint something quick and easy, but the tiger was what just seemed like what I had to paint. I realize that I enjoy painting mammals the most, and I find fish the hardest to paint. It is because what I am drawn to in all the animals I paint is the emotions and personality. With fish, while I think they have personalities, it is harder for me to capture that in a painting. I love fish, and I do try to show personality, but mammals certainly make that easier for me.

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