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#156 Edward's Pheasant

Critically Endangered

There is a possibility these birds are extinct in the wild. In captivity there are at least 1,000 of them, but in spite of an extensive search done in 2011, none were found and they have not been seen since 2000. They are endemic to Vietnam's lowland forests. One of the things that made them become critically endangered was the defoliants used during the Vietnam War. They were also quite commonly hunted.

We had just my parents over for Thanksgiving dinner. My sister-in-law and my in-laws had dinner together at the farm. I would have liked to have everyone here like we have every other year, but not this weird awful year. None of our families are the party type. Generally the only time that both sides get together is for Thanksgiving at my house. We do Christmas separately...Christmas Eve with the in-laws alternating between my sister-in-law and my in-laws places, and then we usually go to my parents' for Christmas. This year we will have my parents come to our house for Christmas though, it is easier on the dogs now that our terrier is blind. He has a hard enough time sleeping at home on normal days. I am like everyone and just want to get past the pandemic. I remind myself that it was about 2 years during the Spanish Flu pandemic, but I really hope that they can get things under control much faster this time. I hope all of you are holding on and doing ok out there, staying safe, and keeping your spirits up as much as possible.

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