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#163 Eskimo Curlew

Critically Endangered

Though listed as critically endangered, this bird that was once one of the most common shorebird is now most likely extinct. Their migration ranged from Northern Canada and Alaska down to South America. If they are still in existence they are probably the rarest bird in Canada. Canada was going to do a reassessment survey this year, but 2020 being what it is, I'm doubtful that happened. Interestingly, the birds would go over the sea non-stop on the way down south, but then on the way back they would go over land and stop off in the prairies. They would follow plows and eat bugs, and relied heavily on a certain kind of grasshopper from the prairies and those went away as the prairies were converted to agriculture. The birds were also killed in the literal millions every year during the 1800's. The last confirmed sightings were in the 1960's. It became illegal to hunt them in 1916, but that didn't stop the habitat loss and lack of food for their trip back up north.

Whew, yesterday was a tough one for me to get finished. I have been in 5 car accidents, none my fault. I have mild scoliosis and fibromyalgia on top of that. I'm always in pain, but occasionally it gets so much worse that I really cannot function. I had managed to paint the eye, beak, and had a base of green down for the top of the head, and then I had to give up. I was in bed, on a heating pad, and dealing with the pain pills which are almost worse than the pain sometimes. The pills make me nauseous, emotional, and feeling woozy, I hate it. I have to do this a couple times a year and hate it every time. I am someone who had 3 wisdom teeth out with no numbing, got an epidural after 26 hours of labor because I was hoping I could take a nap not because I was in any pain. My neck when it gets bad though, ends up with me in tears and shutting down. Thankfully, I do not have any trouble with opioid addiction. I'm always terrified of the idea of addiction because I've seen what it does to families. After one of my car accidents the doctor found out that I was not taking the pain meds he prescribed, and he actually got after me and said if I was worried I could take just half a pill, but I needed to take something so that I could heal. I'm the type who tries to muscle through until I essentially break and can't anymore. I am glad I managed to finish the painting, I would have been devastated if I had to skip a day. It would feel like I was letting down the animals somehow. Today is better, tomorrow will be better still.

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