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#170 Riverine Rabbit

Critically Endangered

These are endemic to the Karoo desert in the North Cape of South Africa. They are more like a hare than a rabbit, and in fact were initially placed in the same genus as hares. Unlike hares though, the young (kittens) are born hairless and blind. The females build their nests using grass, and fur from their own belly! They are the only digging rabbit on the whole continent. They are killed in traps meant for other agricultural pests, and also killed on purpose for food and other things. Most of what I found said that there is no actual protection for them, but the IUCN says there is at least one place. I do not know if that means they just happen to live in a place that has general protection, or if there is protection meant specifically for them. They are easy to tell from other rabbits. Not only do they look more like hares, but they have bright white around their eyes and a very dark line from their mouth along the side of their face.

I am so close to halfway through this. It has gotten to where I have too much to look through when I'm trying to remember if I've shared something. My blog is made through Wix, and I have found it is really easy to use, but I have a huge problem with it. Hopefully they will eventually fix it rather than me having to figure out a different platform. The problem is, the search essentially is pointless. For instance, I tried searching for friend because I couldn't remember if I'd shared a story about a friend. If I went with what search found for me, I've never talked about a friend the whole time I've been doing this blog. I searched for the word snail, and it only brought up one post. It seems to just acknowledge that the titles exist, not even the categories I put them in. I don't like to complain, but when I'm doing a site like this, and I would think most blogs actually, repeating yourself is something you try to avoid. You would think that the internal search would be able to, oh I don't know, do an internal search. Oh well, for now it is working and you will have to excuse me if I forget something and repeat a story every once in a while.

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