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#176 Alcorn's Pocket Gopher

Critically Endangered

I really cannot find much at all about these. They are endmic to a small area of Mexico. They were apparently plentiful in the late 1990's, but then when there was a survey done searching for them in 2002, none were found. I cannot see any conservation efforts in place for them either, so they may well be extinct. Farmers kill them because they are gophers, and do what gophers are good at doing, destroying plants and digging tunnels. Honestly, I'm not even sure this is what they look like. All the sites I looked at used pictures of other pocket gophers. None of the sites even had a written description unfortunately. Most used photos of pocket gophers with this sort of colouring so I went with the majority in deciding how to paint it.

Well today's painting was pretty stressful for me. There have been days where I forget to post the painting until the next day, but I've never not painted and finished the painting on the day so far. I'm rather proud of myself for that in fact. Today though, I was out shopping for the last Christmas stuff, working on the last present I have to make that will be mailed, and then helping with making some other presents that my husband and kids are doing most of the work on (I supervise). I did not actually start painting this until 9:30. I had to take a break in the middle of painting it to do something else, and then take the picture and edit the picture. I use the camera on my phone, and it is tolerable, but the colour is always off, so I try to get the pictures as close to the paintings as I can. All of that took quite a bit of time. Then, I send the pictures to my wrong text friend, my best friend, and my mom (some of my biggest supporters), post to twitter, post on my personal facebook page, and then post here. Getting started at 9:30 though, I was really worried that it would take me until tomorrow to finish. Whew, I'm even going to be able to post this before it hits midnight, but just barely!

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