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#187 Araripe Manakin

Critically Endangered

These birds weren't discovered until 1996. They are about 5 1/2 inches long. There is obvious sexual dimorphism with the males a bright red and white with the females a fairly drab greenish instead. They are from Brazil and were the first bird in Brazil to get a national conservation action plan. In 2016 the American Bird Conservancy helped secure 170 acres of habitat for them, just a year after 140 was procured for them as well. That is a huge step up from their narrow 11 mile strip they were limited to before. It seems that their main breeding ground is in a theme park actually.

This is the painting I did for my best friend's daughter. She asked that I paint the lilac breasted roller, and this is the result. I always love hand-made gifts. It takes no time or real thought to go run to a store and buy something, but making something for someone takes though and love. My best friend once made a queen sized crocheted afghan for my husband and me. Half of it is all fru-fru colours that are my favourite, and the other half is more colours that my husband will like. The amount of time that goes into making something like that is crazy. I get bored mid scarf when I'm crocheting and it takes effort to continue. I've only ever made one afghan before, and though I will make one more. The one I made before was for my oldest son, I started it the first day of his senior year of school, and ended it the day he graduated. I will be doing one for my younger son too next year. It will be interesting to see what his school year will be like though. I really feel for the kids who graduated last year and will be graduating next year.

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