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#19 Mongoose Lemur

Critically Endangered

This is the only lemur found (other than in captivity) outside of Madagascar because they were introduced to Comoros Islands hundreds of years ago. Unlike other primates, their behaviour is dependent on the season. They are more active during the day when it is the wet season, and become nocturnal in the dry seasons. They are fairly monogamous. As babies they look the same, but fairly quickly the males develop the orange brown cheeks and beard while the females have white instead.

See, sometimes doing a whole body manages to work, this guy doesn't look like he was run over by a tractor. I actually quite like his face. The contrast in the Mongoose face vs the Golden Bamboo Lemur's helps give depth that was lacking in the other painting. At this point I was still really learning how to use these watercolour pencils to my advantage. I had gone through my life avoiding using watercolour unless I absolutely had to, so deciding to use them every day for a year is a big step for me.

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