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#198 Tana River Mangabey

Critically Endangered

These monkeys live in a fragmented area with a total of about 10 sq miles in Kenya. Habitat loss is obviously a big problem for them with such a small territory to start with. As of 2019 the last survey estimated they had at most about 1000 left, possibly as few as 100. Their numbers continue to decline so we don't know how many are left now. How long they live in the wild is completely unknown. One that was born in the wild and then captured lived for 24 years. In the wild, they are prey for pythons, crocodiles, and possibly a couple different eagles as well. Mostly they eat nuts, seeds, fungus, and fruit, but also will eat bark, insects, and other things.

They have a hilarious hairstyle that looks like what you would see in pictures of kids after "mom decided to save money and cut my hair for the first time". Thankfully my mom wasn't bad at cutting my hair. She is actually better than hair stylists I've gone to. I gave up on having other people cut my hair long ago and I just do it on my own. This picture is me back maybe a year before I got married with not the shortest haircut I've had. I have had waist length hair, a pixie cut, and everything in-between. This was before I started dying my hair though. Oh, and this was my dad's office, or rather a tiny little corner of the garage. Those boxes are probably almost all full of blank paper, he had been a printer for many years before the normal person was able to print from their home. The favourite field trip for everyone most years when I was really little was to our house. Everyone got to do a drawing, and then my dad would print it out and everyone would go home with a notepad in whatever colour they wanted, their drawing on every page. My mom would help the kids do the glue part of the notepad making. I was always very proud of him, and in a different house there was a window in the garage. I would sit in that window, listening to the press running, smelling the ink and press wash, and watching people walk by through the rhododendron that was in front of the window. It just felt so safe and homey. I can still remember the smell of that and it makes me feel quite nostalgic.

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