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#209 Balearic Shearwater

Critically Endangered

Day-1 of around the world in 80 days

These breed in the Balearic Islands between February and June. Only 15 days after the chick hatches, they are left alone all day. The parents only return at dusk, trying to keep from attracting the attention of predators. Not all of them make it to the UK and Ireland, but many do. As of 2010 they were the only European seabird that was critically endangered, and the rarest bird commonly found in the UK. There may be others now, I have not looked through all the critically endangered seabirds, and 10 years can mean a lot of destruction for a species, so there may well be others, or ones coming close. Hopefully not though. Light pollution from resorts near breeding areas are a big problem, as are cats and introduced rats. They are also at risk of being caught in fishing nets too. It is thought they may be extinct in 40 years or so.

I enjoy doing little series within the project. It helps break things up and give me direction so I'm not simply scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of animals trying to pick one. I don't know why, but I decided to do an "Around the World in 80 Days" theme. They start in London there, so I'm doing a bird that travels to England. I haven't looked into how difficult or possibly impossible this will be. I may have to do some "close enough" animals for some of the days. Some locations will certainly be much easier than others. I think this is a good way though to show that animals really are at risk the world over. Ok, I suppose that if 208 paintings of animals all over the place haven't convinced you there are lots of animals that need help I suppose another 80 won't do much to help with that. Oh well, maybe you will enjoy the trip around the world with me. I would travel a lot more if I could. As someone who has seizures if I eat something that just has been touched with gluten even, travel is kind of scary anymore. Before my diagnosis though, I didn't travel as much as I wanted, but I have been to England, Ireland (not Northern Ireland though I wanted to), Scotland and Wales. I've been to England a second time quite a few years after the first trip. I've also been to Albania, Austria, Mexico, and Canada. I almost got to go to Australia, but because of a stalker I had to cancel that trip or I'd have been stuck in Perth with some guy who was sure he'd had a vision of us married and I had no choice in the matter.

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