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#22 Sunda or Sumatran Tiger

Critically Endangered

These are the smallest of all the tigers. They still aren't what I'd suggest you cuddle with, they weigh up to 310 pounds and can jump forward about 33 feet. They also have a bite force of around 1000 pounds, so still quite deadly. They have a sort of mane that makes me think of massive mutton chops. The biggest threats to them are due of palm oil plantations, poaching, and deforestation. The numbers I've seen about how many are left varies from less than 300, up to around 600.

Now you can see the black ink really coming into play. The edges of the black where it fades off, that is watercolour, the solid black is all ink. I realized what had happened the day before and decided to embrace the ink. It really makes getting a true black so much easier. I wouldn't mind having duplicates with all the colours really. I may start hoarding watercolour and ink pencils.

Ok, this has nothing to do with tigers, rather with mutton chops. I did theater in college. It was a lot of fun, but every time I see mutton chops it reminds me of doing Oliver Twist. I was a milk maid and an orphan in the play. One of my friends played Mr. Bumble and had to have "magnificent" mutton chops. Probably my favourite part of being in the play was when we went out to eat on days we had 2 shows. I wouldn't be in orphan costume, but usually still had my hair looking like a rat nest, and a bunch of fake bruises because we would be heading right back and had to hurry. Really it probably looked as if I'd escaped from some horrible situation and now was just hanging out with college students at a restaurant. I got quite a few stares.

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