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#227 Great Indian Bustard

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 19

They journey is bringing us up to a port in India, but we are not quite there yet.

There are thought to be about 150 or fewer, possibly not even 100 of breeding age. Over the next 3 generations, which amounts to 47 years, unless they get some real help they are expected to have an additional population decline of more than 50%. They are extinct now in almost 90% of their original range. Unfortunately collisions with power lines are a huge threat to them. They aren't agile fliers and don't have great vision so they don't do well at trying to avoid the lines. They are one of the heaviest flying birds, with large males weighing about 33 pounds and they stand at about 3 feet tall.

One of the sites I saw mentioned that the bustard weighs more than a beagle. That made me laugh. I have mentioned it before, I love comparing the size or the measurement of different things. I liked seeing that someone else does the same thing. I also laughed because I'm unsure they know many beagles. I checked the site I use most for comparing sizes, and they said that the bustard is about the size of two dachshunds, and I'm SURE they have not seen many dachshunds. I understand it can be hard to keep a dog from getting fat. We try very hard though, because it helps the dogs to live longer. Our Gordon Setter we had used to keep herself thin. I got really worried for her as she became an antique. Most Gordons live 10-12 years, she lived 16 1/2. I would boil chicken and make her a thick bone broth gravy sort of thing to put on her food because some days she really just wasn't interested in eating at all. Our beagle we had to work hard to keep him thin and he never turned down something even remotely edible except for celery. Our beagle corgi mix has been deciding sleep is much more interesting than breakfast. I think she may be my spirit animal. Our terrier though, he's even willing to try celery though he's not fond. We have a hemp oil, and the directions tell you to put it on the dog's food, or try and force them to eat it by putting it in their cheek. Not with the terrier, we just hold the dropper out to him and he happily licks it up.

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