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#233 Spoon-billed Sandpiper

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 25

We are heading with Phileas Fogg away from India toward Singapore, but not exactly going incredibly quickly. These are another bird that migrates from Russia. They have a range all along the coasts of many Asian countries, including Myanmar which we are still sailing past. There are thought to be fewer than 1000 of breeding age, but that doesn't mean there are anywhere near 500 breeding pairs. In fact Conservationists have set the goal of having as many as 300 breeding pairs by 2025, and that is thought to be rather ambitious. They are a small bird, 6 inches or less, and weigh just over an ounce. Though normally they are a brownish grey and white, during breeding season they get a lot of deep reddish brown instead. In spite of that, they are hunted for their skin and as food. The other biggest threat to them is the loss of habitat though. There do seem to be some good conservation efforts in place, I wouldn't be surprised if it is helped by the fact that they really are cute. People often seem more interested in keeping a cute little bird around rather than say a grasshopper.

Well, no snow yet unfortunately. There is ice everywhere though, and many of the higher elevation roads are incredibly dangerous. People are abandoning cars on some roads. When you go outside here, you can hear the freezing rain. It is different than the sound of sleet or hail, it doesn't bounce off of things but doesn't splash like normal rain does. If you've never been around it, explaining the sound is a bit difficult. If school was still in session it would certainly have been closed tomorrow which my son would like. Since it is all remote learning he won't be that lucky. I still am hoping we will get some snow, even a lot of snow. I hate being cold, and I'm really almost always cold, but I do love snow. I suppose I would get tired of it if I had 5 feet for months, but since we get real snow so rarely it is always a treat. Not this year, but I do hope some year to be able to drive to the waterfalls when it is snowy and capture pictures of them like that. Every once in a great while, Multnomah Falls will freeze, I would especially love to see that.

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