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#240 Bornean Banded Langur

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 32

Today we are sailing by Brunei and Borneo with Phileas Fogg. There, these primates used to be very common. They are far from it anymore though. I found so few pictures of them, all from a distance, low quality, and blurry. Thankfully they are protected in Sarawak, and live in several national parks too. While they do end up hunted, their main threat is palm oil. They have lost 80% or more of their traditional habitat to palm oil plantations. There are 2 colour morphs, a black one and this one where they have a crazy shock of bright red hair on their head, one or two pictures they looked almost like they had an Elizabethan collar of white, and black arms. Interestingly, the scientific drawing that popped up when I searched for them showed the red colour morph as essentially an all-over tan with short fur. I am hoping it was mislabeled and they were not actually that far off of what the primate actually looks like. All the photographs of them, though you could barely see their eyes or any details, the dark bands or bags under their eyes still showed quite clearly. They really do look as if they haven't slept in months.

Sleep, I wish I got more of it. At least our timid terrier is sleeping in a little, but I'd grown used to getting up at 5:00 or 5:30 in the morning and now that I wake up that early he's sleeping until 6:30. My poor fitness watch has grown accustomed to me not getting sleep and thinks 5 hours of it is rather good. It is amazing how much better the dog sleeps now that we have the large stuffed chair next to my side of the bed for him to sleep in. He will occasionally wake up, poke me to make sure I'm still there, and then go right back to sleep again. I know that for him, I'm like a giant teddy bear or security blanket. While our pets have all liked me best (except for the mice that my youngest had, because he was the one who cared for them they liked him best), I've never had a dog so very much just my dog. All the others have felt that while I was their favourite, they were perfectly happy to have others if I was not around. If I were to leave for a week I worry that the terrier might simply start to shut down. It is flattering, but I worry about him. That is why I do not feed him, almost never give him treats, and don't walk him. I want him to think of the others in the family as providers of stuff he likes. You never know what will happen, and if I was to be suddenly taken away from the family before he is gone, I want him to be able to handle life without me. At the moment, he has been able to deal with me gone for one night, but more than that I'm not sure he can do.

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