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#242 Philippine Eagle

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 34

On our journey with Phileas Fogg, if we were to look off to the right, or starboard side, we would be facing the Philippines.

These are one of the biggest eagles. They have been known as monkey-eating eagles, but not too long ago it was shown that they don't much eat monkeys it seems. There are fewer than 750 left, more likely even fewer than 600. There are from 90 to 250 breeding pairs at most. Their habitat loss to logging and mining is the biggest threat, though they are also still hunted. You can get 12 years in jail for killing this bird, they are the national bird of the Philippines. That doesn't seem to stop people though. One was rehabilitated after having been shot. They released it, and within a month or two it was shot again, only this time did not survive. There have been some bred in captivity, though the total numbers continue to go down.

If you are following the blog rather than on Twitter, you will have noticed that while this post says it was posted on the 21st of February, I actually posted it on the 22nd. I was going to do the post right after I finished the painting as usual, but I left to go help my "twin". My Hawaii best friend and I worked that night to build some shelves. Don't worry, we were careful, it was essentially outside because it is a storage facility we were working at. I am going to be helping her get all her stuff organized that is still here in Oregon. When she had to move to Hawaii, it was sudden, and chaos remained behind. She hasn't been able to tackle it until now, because it is not as if all you have to do is get a tank of gas and drive here. We will be working on the storage and selling it until it is all organized or sold. Honestly, if I was sneaky I'd work really slowly and make it so she has to stay longer. I'm not able to do that sort of thing though, so I feel sad helping her while I'm happy to see her. She has been in Hawaii for a long time, and I have yet been able to go visit her, we just can't afford it. I love having her here, but I do selfishly wish she had brought her mom's kimchee with her. I suppose everyone likes their mom's kimchee best, and since my Hawaiian friend is considered my twin, that makes her mom my alternate mom. I have tried many versions of kimchee though, and hers is absolutely the best. She gets the right amount of ginger in it. I am very happy that I'm the only one in my family that likes it, because then I don't have to share!

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