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#263 Confused Moth


Around the World in 80 Days - Day 55

We are getting close to the west coast of the United States on our journey. So, today we are pretending that we would be able to see Hawaii in the distance. This moth is extinct and has likely been since the early 1900's. They were endemic to Hawaii. They may also have been known as the Confusing Bollworm Moth, but even that I'm uncertain of. Beyond that, I know nothing and can find no information about these particular moths.

I found 4 pictures of them, but they were all pinned to boards. The pictures were taken from above with the poor moths, wings splayed out and breaking due to age and damage. Because of the age of the specimens, I would assume their colours in life might have been more intense, and their markings may have been more striking, but I do not know. I decided to paint them as if the sad specimens I saw were able to get up and walk or fly off. Because all 4 of them had their wings open, I could not paint them that way, I try to get as far as I can from images I see of dead animals when I paint. I would have liked to give this moth a more vibrant look, rather than this muted version, but I like how soft it looks too.

I will be painting away from home again tomorrow. I will at least remember to take my clipboard if not an easel, but the picture of the painting will again be unlike my normal. I might bring some charcoal too, something to draw with once I'm done with the painting. We'll see, whatever I do I promise to share. The posting on the blog may be late because the bass drums will be having dinner after they are done. It may mean I get home too late to post in time. I will get it onto twitter though if you want to see it with the little information that the limited number of characters allows.

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