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#277 Ivory-billed Woodpecker

Critically Endangered

Around the World in 80 Days - Day 68

We have only made it to Omaha now. You really should read the book if you haven't, it is a fun read. These are, or were one of the biggest woodpeckers in the world. They were nearly 2 feet long! Most likely they are extinct as there have been no confirmed sightings since 1944. There have been many sightings since, but they are probably woodpecker species that are similar. They used to have a large range, but by the time notice was taken of them, most of their habitat was ruined by deforestation. It is thought they at minimum lived in a range from Texas to Florida, and North Carolina to Cuba. Beyond that it quite possible too as Thomas Jefferson mentioned them in a book he wrote about Virginia, and Audubon said they had been found in Maryland.

I had very little time to paint today. I went to the beach with my youngest son. He hasn't complained about being in online school, me spending so much time driving my oldest to drumming, or really anything at all. I wanted to spend some time doing something with him that he loves. I let him pick some beaches that are known for having agates and we were gone all day. It was freezing cold especially since we had to be wandering in a stream that was, I'm sure, snow melt. We got quite a few pretty agates, one of the ones that he found is really rather large. We stayed until it was sunset and then came home. I got home, sat down to paint, and it is 11:30pm now and I haven't even had a chance to eat dinner yet. I don't know how my panorama will work once this is published, but I wanted to share it. The beaches we went to were not at all crowded. Well, Oregon crowded is never what you might find in Florida or California when talking about a beach being busy. Generally if I see more than maybe 5 other people, I feel as if the beach is getting a bit too "peopley". One of the best things about the Oregon coast is that it is cold, dangerous, and generally fairly empty. On the way to the beach we had to stop and I even turned off the car and got out because an accident closed the road. People often drive like maniacs on the way there and back. You should visit, but please be cautious if you do, both on the drive and on the beach. We have many sneaker waves and logs that get picked up by the water and dropped down on people. Dress warmly, the wind is always going to make the day seem cooler than it looks.

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