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#29 Black Mamo


This bird was about 8" long, the males had longer beaks than females. They went extinct mostly due to introduced cows and deer which essentially ate their habitat. Also, introduced predators like rats and mongooses (it seems weird that mongooses is proper not mongeese) which ate their eggs. The Black Mamo often had yellow on their forehead, but not because that was their colour, it was pollen from their favourite flowers. They had several names, my favourite is o'o nuku'umu. The last one seen alive was in 1907 when the biologist shot it, which mutilated it but he was happy enough with it as a "cabinet skin" which I believe is sort of like mounting a skin in a shadow box type thing.

I'm very blessed. I have three best friends who are just the absolute best people. One of them had to move back to Hawaii. I miss her terribly. I've never been to Hawaii, and since I am not good in the sunshine, I'm not sure I would enjoy it if I ever do get to go visit her. Well, I would have a blast hanging out with her, but would want to mostly be in the shade or inside, which isn't what people go to Hawaii for! She is half Korean, and I'm so pasty white that while sitting completely in the shade of a metal roof, I burnt because of the sun reflecting off the dirt in the arena. We look absolutely nothing alike. Still, she and I consider each other twins. I have never believed that family is only people who you are related to. I have one sister by blood, but several other sisters by heart.

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