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#292 Roloway Monkey

Critically Endangered

These used to be spread all over a large portion of the southern area in both Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire. Now there is almost no habitat that they still occupy. I had a difficult time figuring out for sure how many remain alive. I saw anywhere from 300 to 2000 for total wild population, and then fewer than 40 in captivity. Though leopards and large birds of prey hunt for these monkeys, their biggest threats are poaching for bushmeat and habitat loss that is often because of palm oil plantations. I did find one article that talked about one area of Ghana that is trying to employ locals to produce organic cocoa and organic coconut. They are then able to earn a wage that makes it so they do not feel they need bushmeat in order to survive.

Fall may be my favourite season, spring is a VERY close second. I am absolutely loving all the flowers. There was a sunny day today too. We got our peach tree planted. I hope it does well. When I got it there were a bunch of little itty-bitty peaches on it. They have been happily getting bigger and I'm hoping they continue to do so now that the tree has gone through the stress of being planted. I would plant another fruit tree along that fence. We have a cherry that was a volunteer from somewhere, this peach, and our apple. The apple has Fuji, Braeburn, and Honeycrisp all on one tree. It is flowering at least on the Fuji and Braeburn branches, but not the Honeycrisp that I can see, though there are leaves. It usually takes several years before an apple tree will start producing and so I am not expecting any apples, even with the flowers happening. I am not sure what other fruit tree I would plant along our fence if I was going to plant one. I think I won't though because if at all possible I would like to put a shed in that would work as an art studio. I want to start planting a lot more plants that will provide food to eat, or herbs. We had a massive rosemary outside the front of our house but when we had an unusually cold and snowy winter it died. Now that I've been out in the sunshine though, I want to do some serious spring cleaning!

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