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#294 Orlov's Viper

Critically Endangered

I could not learn much about these snakes. They were only described in 2001, and by that time they were already considered rare. They are found in the Caucasus area of Russia. Though they are threatened by habitat loss, apparently their biggest threat is poaching for the pet trade. Beyond that, other than that they are venomous, about 2 feet long, and aren't picky when it comes to food while in captivity, nothing seems to be known. In the wild it is unknown what they eat.

I chatted over the fence with our behind us neighbours today. I found out that the tree they took down the other day had been dropping large branches on their house and one even punctured their roof. I told him we'd get small branches in our yard every wind storm, but it hadn't made me nearly as nervous as a tree in a different neighbour's yard which had been listing more and more to one side before it was taken down. That neighbour was not a nice one and we were happy when they moved. They ended up needing to replace their detached garage because a tree that was sort of helping hold up the even bigger one fell and crushed it. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but then their bigger tree started to lean a lot, and they had to take it down. What made me happiest though was when he mentioned our bird feeder. I told him I was mostly hoping to attract crows, but have so far had no luck. He said that he is trying to attract crows too! I know lots of people don't like having crows around, so knowing my neighbour likes them too is fantastic. Now, if only we can convince the crows in our area to come to the two yards, we should be able to get them to stay. They can have peanuts, cat food, eggs, all sorts of stuff if they are just going to show up!

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