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#295 White-winged Flufftail

Critically Endangered

There are thought to be only 250 mature adults left of these. They are split between two countries with maybe 50 of those in South Africa, the rest in Ethiopia. Interestingly, though the bird was discovered in 1876, its call was unknown until it was finally recorded in 2018! It is very shy, which is why it took so long. That is also the reason most of the pictures I saw of these were with the bird held in the hands of someone studying them. Until their call was recorded the only way to count or study them was to flush them and trap them. They live in high altitude wetlands. Their biggest threats are habitat loss from development but especially from cattle grazing.

I had a hard time today with the black pencil, I kept looking for a tiny little thing and forgetting I had the large one. I was out Mother's Day shopping today too. We have an idea what we want to get for both the mothers. I want to make something for each of them as well, but haven't managed to get it drawn up yet. As for the other stuff, I've checked at 4 or 5 stores for what we wanted to get my mom (I doubt she reads this blog, but maybe once in a while). Nobody had anything even remotely like what we wanted. I was going to go to one more store, but found it online so I broke down and ordered that. My mother-in-law, who I know doesn't read this blog, we have thought about getting some mystery books. She really likes reading them, but she doesn't like the ones that my family loves. I guess mostly she just gets random ones from the thrift store, so I think we are going to resort to See's chocolates which we know she loves, and maybe some nice flowers she can have my father-in-law plant. We'd get my mom flowers to plant, but the deer where they are will even come up on the porch and eat anything they can get their faces up to. We got her a hanging flower planter thing once, I don't think it did well and probably was someone's tasty lunch. About the only things they don't seem to eat are the evergreen trees and shrubs that volunteer there.

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