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#296 Black-hooded Coucal

Critically Endnagered

There are only 3 areas that these birds live anymore. The populations are severely fragmented. It is thought there are anywhere from 70 to 375 of them total, including newly hatched, so not nearly as many of breeding age. They are a type of cuckoo, endemic to Mindoro Island, which is part of the Philippines. The forests they live in are expected to be gone by 2030. In the few photos I saw they looked a bit like crows, but with more hooked and pointy beak, plus a long tail. While in some pictures they looked totally black, they do actually have brownish on their body and some greenish tints in the black areas.

I spent most of the day figuring out animals to do for the rest of the project year. It is always a bit tough when you look at hundreds of animals that are extinct or close to it and try to pick which ones you are going to give attention to and which you aren't. I am going to have my oldest pick an animal or two for around his birthday which is coming up soon. I think when I hit 300 I will post on twitter to ask what animal should be my last one before I change this project up a bit. I don't have absolutely all of the next 70 animals picked out, but I almost have it decided. I will continue to try and keep things mixed up, so I may have to abandon some that are on the list. For instance, there are 2 handfish, and with how few days are left I may not do both, but I have them there just in case. I am sad, I still have not gotten things figured out with the support page. I will probably have to give up on that idea and go with something else. I absolutely need to solve this problem soon. Until I do, I keep looking at oil paints and have to keep myself from buying them. Thankfully, not having the money to pay for them helps with that!

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