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#306 Buffy-headed Marmoset

Critically Endangered

These little primates are from a very limited area of the rainforests in Brazil. They eat fruit, fungus, other plant material, and even some frogs, caterpillars, eggs, and baby birds. They weigh up to about a pound and a half. They may live up to 16 years in captivity, but only live to 10 years or so in the wild. Though they are the prey for many larger animals, that is not the reason their population numbers have dropped an estimated 90% since 2005. That is caused by habitat loss, yellow fever, and the exotic pet trade. They have an insane hairstyle, and when you see them facing straight at you which most of the photographs of them showed, they look as if they have an interesting mask on with faint lipstick and incredible smoky eye make-up. I did not see a single 3/4 view pictures of their face, so of course that is what I decided I needed to paint.

The dogs and my kids just came back from a walk. I swear that getting home is the best part of the day for the Beagle/Corgi mix. She has horrible brakes, it is most likely the extra length, sort of like a semi-truck. The boys take her leash off outside and then tell her "go go go" and open the door for her. She goes careening into the house. It is amplified on days there is rain. She does a happy dance, goes running back to the boys, happy dances, goes running back toward the kitchen, and will repeat that as many times as she needs to for them to open the treat cupboard. She has such stubby legs her happy dance ends up being more along the line of her front half bouncing up and down. Our Gordon Setter would do the best happy dance. I don't know if I've shared her picture before. She was 15 in this picture. She was the dog everyone who met her wanted to have for their own. The only thing she did not like was having a cone on, and poodles. If you put a cone on her she would freeze and not move again until you removed it. She had to have a dewclaw removed and never tried to lick it when we took the collar off. Poodles, I have no idea why she disliked them. She was fine with any other animal, and loved all people. She even loved to play with bugs, but would growl quietly if she saw a poodle.

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