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#307 Short-crested Coquette

Critically Endangered

I have decided to do a week of hummingbirds. My best friend "Ladybug" has a daughter in boot camp right now. She was put in quarantine along with pretty much everyone from her group. The girl in the bunk next to her had covid, and at first she was fine, but then several days into quarantine she tested positive as well. Thankfully she was asymptomatic the whole time, and now she's out of quarantine. So, to celebrate that she's fine and able to get back to the torture of boot camp, I'm doing this mini-series.

These little birds are at most 3 inches long. Mostly they are known from a 16 mile length of road in Mexico. Much of the forests they lived in have been cleared for coffee plantations and other agricultural reasons. They may possibly have gone to other habitats, could have adapted, could possibly even have other populations all over the place in the area. Unfortunately because of illegal narcotic trade, surveys assessing the species and area have become impossible. Though it would be great to think that they are thriving in the forest away from the road, their numbers are assumed to be declining. These hummingbirds don't just eat nectar like you might assume. They also eat small amphibians, invertebrates, and even worms. They have also been seen stabbing fruit with their beaks to eat the insides as if it was nectar.

I had so much I planned to do today, and pretty much didn't accomplish any of it. I got almost no sleep last night. I don't have good dreams, and last night I had a dream that woke me up absolutely sobbing. I was amazed my husband didn't wake up. I have chronic bronchitis though, so he gets used to me coughing and can sleep through that, and my coughs sound sort of like a chain-smoking walrus with pneumonia, so some quiet sobbing is probably almost nothing. My husband read my dream after I'd written it out, and he says I must be very dark inside. I told him I am apparently very good at hiding my sadness and darkness, even from myself. I would say I'm a very cheerful person and I think most people who know me would say I am too. I absolutely pride myself on finding the silver lining in a bad situation. My dreams are one of the reasons I do not like to watch scary or stressful movies. I get enough awfulness when I sleep, I don't need to add any of it to my day as well. I am not looking forward to going to bed tonight even. I have lots of days with no dreams that I remember, but I've been having bad dreams every night lately and I would prefer to have a break from that. Maybe some cocoa would help me sleep. If anyone has any good suggestions on how to force me to have good dreams, I'd love to know.

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